CBSE Sample Paper 2022 23 Class 12 PDF Business Studies

CBSE sample paper 2022-23 class 12 pdf

Sample Paper Plays a vital role in the Preparation Journal of class 12th board Exams. Because with the help of sample paper students gets to know the paper pattern of the exam. Also, students can get the Idea of the number of questions asked for how many marks. when we talk about business studies, a sample paper is so crucial because CBSE always changes the paper pattern year by Year, and with the help of a sample paper we about to know about the details of the exam, the number of Questions asked in the exam and how many marks allotted to each question. In the year 2021-22 CBSE conducted the exams in Two Terms. In the First term, most exams were based on MCQs which means objective type. but in term 2 CBSE asked for the exam in Fully Subjective based. so for the year 2022-23, all of us were confused what was the pattern for 2022-23. and when the CBSE released its sample paper on business studies, the picture is getting cleared and now we exactly know the pattern of the Exam.

CBSE sample paper 2022 23 class 12 pdf business studies

Detail Analysis of Sample paper 2022-23

when we deeply go through the sample paper for this year, we get to know that this year 2022-23 CBSE will conduct the exam in one go. only one exam will be conducted at the end of Feb 2023 or starting of march 2023, not like last year in two terms. But this year’s exam pattern is the combination of both objectives and Subjective Questions. The question paper on Business studies will be of 80 marks. total marks in 80 marks, out 80, MCQs(objective based Questions) will be 20. and 60 marks Questions will be on Subjective based questions. in which students have to write the answer according to the marks of the question paper.

CBSE sample paper 2022 23 class 12 pdf business studies

20Marks MCQ: Easy, Medium, or Hard?

there are a total of 20 marks MCQ in the Question paper out of 80. on Analysis we found that

  1. 9 Questions – easy
  2. 8 Questions – medium
  3. 3 Questions – difficult

easy medium & Hard is defined by us on the basis of the type of the MCQ. if the Question is direct and Easy to identify the answer then will group it into the easy Category. if the Question is a little value-based or case study based but those who study the concept can easily attempt it these Questions are grouped in Medium. and if the Question Assertion reason based, or case studies based which needs a deep understanding of the topics these Questions are grouped under the hard/difficult category.

sample paper of business studies class 12 2023

In the MCQs part, 14 Questions are Based on Case studies and the Value-based Questions rest 6 are direct Questions.

The new thing that CBSE has Started This year is that CBSE Starts asking Questions based on the Picture.

Chapter-wise number of MCQ

  • Nature and Significance of Management – 2 Questions
  • Business Environment – 4 Questions
  • Organizing – 3 Questions.
  • Controlling – 2 Questions.
  • Financial markets – 4 Questions
  • Marketing Management – 5 Questions.

In the Sample paper, Only the MCQs of these chapters are taken. The rest chapters are covered in the Subjective Questions.

sample paper class 12 2023 pdf

60Marks Questions are Subjective and Case study based

Class 12: Complete Syllabus in One Shot – Business Studies


CBSE Sample Paper 2022 23 Class 12 PDF Business Studies

sample paper class 12 2023 pdf

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