How to solve the Accounts Question paper for class 12th CBSE to score 90+ Marks ?

Attempt the easiest questions first: To build confidence and gain marks, it is advisable to attempt the easiest questions first. This will help you to get a better grip on the paper and also manage your time efficiently.

Use an appropriate format: Different types of questions require different formats of answering. For example, short answer questions should be answered in a few lines, long answer questions in a paragraph, and computations should be shown with proper working and calculations.

Show all your calculations and workings: It is very important to show all your calculations and workings clearly and legibly. This will help the examiner to understand your thought process and also give you marks for the working.

Use examples and diagrams: Examples and diagrams can be very helpful in explaining your answers. They make your answer more clear and easy to understand.

Time management: Time management is the key to success in solving any question paper. Make sure you have a rough plan in your mind on how to tackle the paper and stick to it.

Review your answers: Before submitting the paper, make sure you have reviewed your answers. Ensure that all the answers are legible and that you have not made any careless mistakes.

In addition to following these tips, it’s also important to practice solving question papers as much as possible. This will help you to get familiar with the format and style of the paper and also boost your confidence. Revising the concepts and theory on regular basis is also crucial. Additionally, taking the help of teacher, tutors, online resources, and past year papers can be beneficial to improve your performance in the exams.

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