Which Type of Problems faced by Students in class 12th Accounts

There are several types of problems that students in class 12th accounts may face, some of which include:

Difficulty in understanding the concepts: Accountancy is a subject that requires a good understanding of various financial concepts and principles such as the double-entry system, bookkeeping, accounting ratios, and financial statements. Students may find it difficult to understand these concepts due to their complexity or because they are not being explained in a way that the student can understand. This can lead to confusion and difficulties in solving problems, and ultimately, in understanding the subject.

How to solve the Accounts Question paper for class 12th CBSE to score 90+ Marks ?

Solving an accountancy question paper for class 12th can be a challenging task, but with proper preparation and strategy, you can score well in your exams.

Read the question paper carefully: Before you start answering any question, it is important to read the question paper carefully and understand the instructions. Make sure you know the number of questions to be answered, the marks allocated for each question, and the time duration.