Fundamental Duties and why don’t we perform Fundamental Duties?

Fundamental Duties and why don't we perform Fundamental Duties?

Fundamental duties and why don’t we perform fundamental duties?

If you conduct a survey in your neighborhood or even your own home, you will discover that everyone understands fundamental rights but only a small percentage understands fundamental duties. Let’s find out why this difference is happening.

Indian Constitutional Assembly did not give fundamental duties in its initial phase, but they were introduced in the year of 1972 by PM Indra Gandhi during the period of national emergency. They were introduced by the influence of the Soviet Union and the idea of socialism. The Constitutional Assembly had a debate in which Dr. B.R. Ambedkar put forward the idea of restricting the fundamental duties from the constitution, as the condition of the people of India at the time of 1946 was not very good and mature to understand the