How to score 90+ marks in class 12th in 2022-23?

Preparing For Class XII Business Studies?
Is not getting how to Prepare for Business Studies for the class 12th?

want to score 90+ marks in class 12th?

First of all, let us discuss the paper pattern that CBSE asked for in exams

there is 80 mark paper plus 20 marks Practical, so the total is 100 marks

out of 80, and there are case studies of the 48 marks. it means the maximum proportion of the paper is case studies based. & to solve the case studies we need strong conceptual knowledge.

To gain Strong conceptual knowledge follow these 5 steps.

5 Steps to Score 90+ Marks in Business Studies class XII CBSE

1. Attend Classes:
Is it necessary to attend classes for business studies CBSE class XII?

The first step is to attend your Classes regularly, it doesn’t matter which platform you are using like, school, coaching, youtube, online educational platforms, etc. bus the most important step don’t miss your classes. attend regular classes to understand the concept.

if you don’t have any idea about any lectures and teachers. here I am sharing with you the link to a complete playlist of my lectures that covers all the chapters of business studies of class 12th CBSE.
this will help you score 90+ marks in your 12th board exams.

2. Read NCERT:
Is NCERT reading Necessary for the 12th Business studies preparation?

Most Schools use NCERT as a textbook for Business studies. but there are lots of schools & coaching also in the country that are ignoring NCERTs completely and just focusing on the Reference book. The reference book is good for understanding the concepts, but many Times CBSE asks for MCQs directly from the NCERTs. The concepts that explain in the NCERTs are in paragraph form & between the paragraph, there are some important lines or examples are given. CBSE picks those lines and used them to make the Case studies. and these few important things are missing in the Reference books.

so, our first priority should be NCERT Reading of the same topic after completing the lecture from the teacher.

this will also help you score 90+ marks in your 12th board exams.

3. Read only 1 Reference book:
which reference book is best for the Business studies class XII CBSE?

After reading NCERT most of the time we were confused about the topics. sometimes NCERTs use tough language and for an average student, sometimes it is difficult to understand. To counter this problem we have to read a reference book. the language of reference books is comparatively easy from NCERT and provides more clarity to the students.
according to my suggestion use any of these Reference books for Business studies.
– Poonam Gandhi ( VK publications)
– Sandeep Garg ( Dhanpat Rai Publication)
– RK Singla ( VK publication)
or any other whichever is suggested by your school teacher.
this will help you score 90+ marks in your 12th board exams.
(check another article on Accounts)

4. Make Your own notes:
why do we need to make our own notes?

Most students use notes of other students to cover up the subject fast. but trust me it is not a good practice for your preparation. everyone makes their own notes for their own use according to their own need. whenever you are reading the notes of others you read his/her thoughts and concepts, and most students use copy-paste method for making notes. copy from the book and write it down in copy. if it is already written in the book, then why need to write in the copy again?

according to my opinion read the NCERT and Reference book, then close down the books, and then write it down yourself In your own words and own language. Use simple languages and words that you understand, you can also use emojis, pictures, and graphs as per your own wish. it’s your notes, you don’t need to show others, make them according to your need. In starting you can make mistakes but after sometimes you will be perfect in writing and note making.

it not only helps in improving writing skills but also helps in memorizing the topics for a long time.

this will help you score 90+ marks in your 12th board exams.

5. Revision, Revision & Revision: most of the students ask me how to retain the topic in my mind for a long time. the answer is “Revision” as much as possible. Revising the topic for 3-4time per week or month is sufficient to retain it in the mind for a long time.
Following these 5 steps will definitely help you to score good marks on the exam.

this will help you score 90+ marks in your 12th board exams.

Let’s talk about the 2022-23 Board Exams

CBSE board exams are always harder than the other state boards. but, when we talk about accounts, it has more important than other subjects. and students always feel more difficulty in solving accounts as compared to other subjects. But year-wise year CBSE is Raising the standard of the exam. Now Questions in the exams are more Conceptual and value-based. it needs deep understanding knowledge to concepts to solve the practicals and most paper is based on the Practicals theoretical portion is very low in the exam.

In 2022-23 Accountancy as per Sample Paper Issued by CBSE again Rise the Difficulty Level. so we need to solve a lot of practicals from NCERT & Other reference books. also, we have to Revise the topics, again and again, to keep the concepts in the mind.