CBSE Sample Paper 2022 23 Class 12 PDF Economics

Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 2022-23: A Brief Introduction

The sample paper is a very important part of the study from the 12th Point of view. because all the students want to know what the pattern of the exam is. what is the difficulty level of the exam? how many Questions are coming from each chapter given in the syllabus? so sample papers help us to clear all the problems faced by the students.

sample paper economics for 2022-23

When we talk about the sample paper of this year 2022-23 in Economics, CBSE has Made Changes in the types of Questions. let us discuss each point in detail

sample paper class 12 economics 2022-23 with solutions

In the last year, 2021-22 CBSE has conducted the Economics papers in two terms, Term 1 & Term, 40 marks each. The first term was mainly an objective type paper which means all the Questions are MCQ based. and Term 2 was Fully subjective based. But this year in 2022-23 the CBSE has made changes in the exam pattern. it means only one exam will be conducted in the final. the total marks are 80 and 20 marks are for Practicals and VIVA. The Question paper is divided into two groups, the first group is for MACRO economics with 40 marks and the other is for INDIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT with 40 marks.

sample paper of economics class 12 2023

The Economics paper of 2022-23 is a mix of both MCQ and Subjective Questions. there are 20 MCQs in the Question paper. But the level is a little up from usual. some questions are Direct, some are assertion reason based, some are Matching based, and most importantly CBSE started asking Picture based Questions. in which a Picture is given in the Question, and on the bases of the Picture CBSE will ask the Question. 10 MCQs come from MACRO Economics and Rest 10 MCQs Comers from INDIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

sample paper of economics class 12 2023 with solution

The other 60 Marks of the Question Paper are divided into 2 parts. First, 30 Marks are again from MACRO Economic and the other 30 Marks are from INDIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. All these questions are subjective-based Questions in which we have to write the answers according to the weightage of the Questions.

sample paper class 12 2023 solutions

Important Changes in Economics class 12 paper

  • CBSE started asking CASE STUDY-based Questions in Economics. Before this year CASE STUDIES only asked in Business studies, but this Year CASE STUDIES are also part of ECONOMICs 12th
  • CBSE starts asking Questions based on Graphs and Data. Graphs and data are Given the Questions and Basis of These Graphs Questions will ask
  • Another important change from this year is the Introduction of Picture based Questions. The picture is given in the Question Paper and the Question is asked on the explanation of pictures with the respective topic.

sample paper class 12 2023 solutions economics

sample paper class 12 economics 2022 with solutions

sample paper of economics class 12 with solution pdf


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